7 Things you must consider before buying a smartphone

Are you planning to get yourself a smartphone that will help you do your work, socialize or to showcase your status?

Whatever reason you may have I will like to use this opportunity to guide you through on the things you need to bear in mind before going for any smartphone.

You don’t need to buy what you don’t need all you need to do is think well and ask yourself what and what am I going to be doing with my phone then it will help to make the right choice on the type of smartphone you need to buy based on specifications.

What to consider before buying any smartphone
Let me guide you on the things you need to check properly before you decide on which smartphone that will be good for you.

1. Price
Definitely, you can only buy what you can afford and the type of smartphone you buy can equally be determined by how much you have and willing to use to buy a smartphone.

There are many who buy and use expensive phones because they can afford it and yet they don’t make use of any single features that the expensive phone comes with while some who know how to use it don’t have the money to afford expensive phones.

2. The Purpose
What is the mean reason why you want to buy a new smartphone, is it to make calls, take awesome pictures browse, socialize,  play games or for both?

No matter the reason you must surely see a perfect smartphone that can fulfill your desires, just keep reading to know the type of smartphone you need.

3. Battery
Many might be interested in how a smartphone looks but I pay more attention to its battery, how long it can last even when heavily used is my concern because you will never enjoy that phone that makes you go from one place tp the other looking for where to charge your phone no matter the worth of such phone

If you play game a lots or use your phone heavily without allowing it to rest then you need a smartphone that has long lasting battery between 3500mAh to 5500mAh or more.

4. Display/ Screen size
You should consider the screen size of of the smartphone you want to buy, do you really want it big, midium or small

If you want to have more fun playing games, watching videos or typing on your smartphone easily then big screen smartphone will be perfect for you but remember to check if that smartphone is pocket friendly as well.

5. RAM/Storage memory
Random Access Memory (RAM) helps you phone do more simultaneously while the storage memory helps in keep all your files such as videos, mp3, games and other related files.

If you normally do lots of multitasking or downloads heavy apps and games then consider buying a smartphone that has between 2GB – 4GB RAM and 16GB – 64GB internal sterage memory you will be ok with whatever you want to do with your phone.

6. Processor/OS
With no doubt even with the same specs some smartphones performs more better than others with the help of great processors and stable operating systoms.

Most of Android OS are stable but it will be better to go for newier verions to have access to wide rage of new apps thats supports only the recent android OS and i suggest you go for a smartphone that comes with Android 5.1 Lollipop or high one’s.

7. Camera
Do you have a desire to take a superb pictures with your smartphone if yes, the good news is that there are many smartphone in the market design to take great pictures and most of them are not that expensive.

When buying a smartphone you need between 13MP – 20MP  and upwords and you will be satisfied with what you get in return.

Hope these guide will help you buy a smartphone that can do that work for you.

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