MTN Quick Facebook Service, No Internet enable phone required

Have you had about the new MTN Quick Facebook Service that enables you to communicate with your facebook friends with internet connection and you don't even need a phone that can browse, the question is how does it work?

According MTN this service grants MTN subscribers instant access to their Facebook account using the USSD channels. This means that no matter the phone capabilities, you can still enjoy Facebook on Nigeria¿s number 1 network.
To get started, simply dial *510# and subscribe to Daily, Weekly, Monthly subscriptions.

Daily N5 1 day
Weekly N25 7 days
Monthly N100 30 days

Q:How do I access MTN Quick Facebook?
 A: By dialing USSD Code *510#
Q: Can I subscribe to MTN Quick Facebook through SMS?
A: No, you cannot subscribe through SMS. You can only subscribe via USSD 
Q:What are usage charges for MTN Quick Facebook?
A:There are no usage charges for MTN Quick Facebook. Only subscription charges apply
Q:How do I sign-in MTN Quick Facebook?
A: By following below steps.

      1. Dial USSD Code *510# and wait for a prompt.
      2. Submit your Facebook Username & Password.
      3. Following successful login, you will be presented with the Facebook Menu.
      4. Selecting any Facebook Menu Option, you will be prompted to agree to the subscription charges.
      5. Once subscription is accepted, your service will be activated.

Q:Can I use MTN Quick Facebook if I do not have an existing  Facebook account? 
A: No, you cannot use MTN Quick Facebook without an already existing  Facebook Account. 
Q:Is MTN Quick Facebook the same as the Facebook on the internet? 
A:Yes, MTN Quick Facebook allows customers to still have access to their Facebook account without a data bundle. 
Q:My Phone is not data capable, can I use MTN Quick Facebook service?
A:Facebook for USSD does not need Mobile Internet / GPRS / 2G / 3G. Also, it is compatible will all GSM Phones
Q:How can I access my  Facebook newsfeed and Timelines via MTN Quick Facebook?
A: You can access your timeline by following below steps.

  1. Dial *510# and wait for the response.
  2. A USSD Menu will pop up with different options.
  3. Enter 1 for News feed.

Q: How do I unsubscribe from the service?
A: To unsubscribe from the Quick Facebook service, dial *510*22#

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