Innjoo Fire 2, Fire3 and Fire 4 plus specs and prices

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Innjoo Fire 4 Plus (Fire 4+) Review, Specs and price

Innjoo Fire 4 Plus is a 2017 smartphone with outstanding features such as 2gb Ram, 32gb internal storage memory, Android 7 operating system, 3000mAh battery capacity and dual cameras. Recently […]

Innjoo Fire 4 specs and current price in Nigeria

Innjoo Fire 4 is a 2017 smartphone and was recently announced and released not long ago and it comes in 2 version, Innjoo Fire 4, and Innjoo Fire 4 plus […]

Innjoo Max 3 Review, Specs and current price

Innjoo Max 3 is an awesome smartphone for those who like it big and smart as it comes with 6.0 inch HD IPS display, 2gb ram, 16gb internal storage, 4000mAh […]

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(Cheap smartphone) Innjoo F701 Specs and Price.

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InnJoo Fire is a smartphone designed with you in mind to offer you more, below is the full review/specifications and price in Nigeria 5.0 Wide Viewing gets easier on the […]

InnJoo F2 Dual Sim Tablet – 10.1 Inch, 8GB, 3G Wifi Price in Nigeria

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What you need to know about MTK Phones

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Infinix Note 4, and Zero 5, now on Gearbest

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Cubot R9 Review, Specs and Price (Jumia & Gearbest)

Cubot R9 is an affordable smartphone with great features which includes a 5.0-inch display, Android 7 operating system, 2600mAh battery capacity, 2GB Ram + 16GB internal storage memory, fingerprint sensor, 13MP + […]

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