Spectranet 4G data bundle plans & Prices

Spectranet 4G offers daily, weekends and monthly data bundle plans with unlimited night and morning browsing at an affordable rate.

In other words, Spectranet is one of the popular internet data service providers in some major cities in Nigeria especially Lagos and Abuja. If you need a reliable fast 4G LTE data connectivity for your business then you are better with Spectranet.

Spectranet 4G data bundle plans and prices in Nigeria

If you are looking for Spectranet data plan and prices then you are at the right place. You are not going out of this page without finding what you seek and that’s my promise.

Why Spectranet 4G LTE

If you have not used Spectranet before then you will be happy to know what their data packages look like and how it works. However, there are some attractive data bundle plans offered by Spectranet that you can’t resist.

  • They offer different data packages that suit your needs
  • Some of their data packages offer unlimited browsing in the night or morning.
  • Easy to subscribe from their website
  • Friendly online user self-care
  • One subscription, multiple users

Spectranet 4G LTE data bundle plans & Prices

Without wasting much of your time, I am going to list all the Spectranet daily, weekly and monthly data packages. Moreover, some of their data plans offer free unlimited night and morning browsing.

This is Spectranet data bundle comparison tables showing the list of their data plans validity and prices.

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Spectranet 4G LTE Data Comparison Table

Data Plans Volume Validity Price Free Browsing
Unified Value 4GB 4GB 30 Days ₦3,000 NO
Unified Value 5GB 5GB 30 Days ₦3,500 1GB Night Bonus
Unified Value 7GB 7GB 30 Days ₦5,000 NO
Unified Value 15GB 15GB 30 Days ₦7,000 NO
Good Morning 15GB 15GB 30 Days ₦8,000 Free Unlimited Morning Browsing from (4am - 7am)
Unified Value 25GB 25GB 30 Days ₦10,000 Free Unlimited Night Browsing
Unified Value 40GB 40GB 30 Days ₦12,500 Free Unlimited Night Browsing
Unified Value 60GB 60GB 30 Days ₦15,000 Free Unlimited Night Browsing
Unified Value 50GB Always On @512 kbps speed post 50GB - Abuja only 50GB 30 Days ₦13,000 Free Unlimited Night Browsing
Unlimited Gold 100GB Always On @512 kbps speed post 100GB 100GB 30 Days ₦18,000 NO
Freedom Prime Plus 200GB Always On @512 kbps speed post 200GB 200GB 30 Days ₦37,500 Free Unlimited Night Browsing
Freedom Elite 300GB Always On @512 kbps speed post 300GB 300GB 30 Days ₦55,500 Free Unlimited Night Browsing
Magic Value 10GB + Up to 10GB Magic Data 20GB 30 Days ₦6,000 NO
Unified Value Nite 20GB 20GB 30 Days Night data (7pm -7am) ₦7,500 Night only
Unified Value Nite 40GB 40GB 30 Days Night data (7pm -7am) ₦11,000 Night only
Mini Plan 15GB (9GB Bonus) 15GB 7 Days ₦4,000 NO
Data Top Up 1GB 1GB As per Base Plan ₦500 -

How to subscribe to Spectranet data plans

Obviously, this not like mobile telecom that you can dial a few numbers on your phone to subscribe to any data plan of your choice.

You can either pay in person to their nearest office, Pay online from their website or through online payment processors Quickteller, Jumia Pay, Jumia one and my Paga etc. You can as well pay using their recharge Vouchers that can be obtained from their Channel Partners.

However, you can simply go to the bank and pay for your Spectranet 4 LTE data plans but the easiest way to pay is through their website.

How to Pay Online

If you want to pay with no stress simply visit Spectranet website and log into SelfCare here with your Username and password. Renew or choose another plan and pay with your ATM debit card.

Finally, if you are using Spectranet data services and have been facing any challenges don’t hesitate to share with me for more help.


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