The sole responsibility of a Kickstarter is to initiate and ignite the engine, an engine cannot run without a starter that needs to turn the engine flywheel but what if your Kickstarter fails to works as it should.

Today we are going to discuss some common issues that might prevent a Kickstarter from performing as required, sometimes your Kickstarter might not be able to turn your engine or takes a couple of minutes before the engine can turn.

Troubleshooting your Car Kickstarter

Car kickstarter
A Kickstart
Your car Kickstarter might be faulty and need a replacement while some are just perfect but needs some check up and minor fixing in order to work properly that is why we are going to take a look on this common issues we can Troubleshoot without replacing the Kickstarter itself.
If you are sure that your starter is having one problem or the other simple read my recommendations below to see if you can easily fix it because the problem might not come from the Kickstarter but from other unknown errors.

Check your Battery