Used Toyota Corolla 2000 – 2019 Estimated Prices

Today we are going to share the estimated price of Toyota Corolla cars in Nigeria between the year 2000 to 2019 and if you are here to find the current price of any used Toyota Corolla cars within the same year range then you are just at the right place.

I am going to list the prices based on the general market price of Toyota Corolla which is one of the most popular series in Nigeria but then there are other great series like Camry, Rav4, Avensis, Yaris, Avalon, Sienna that we are going to discuss later.

Used Toyota Corolla 2000 - 2019 Estimated Prices
Toyota Corolla 2017

Before listing the prices, I will like to explain some few reasons why Nigerians and other African countries prefer Toyota vehicles than any other brand.

Toyota has been the most popular brands in the Nigerian roads attributed to its affordability, easy maintenance, and spare parts availability.

If you have used any of the Toyota cars you will agree with me that they are easy to maintain and repair, though regular maintenance service is still important and apart from that, you have nothing to be afraid of in terms of maintenance especially when compared to other brands.

Durability is another key point why many Nigerians prefer Toyota as their first choice brand and even after using it for a couple of years it still retains its value compared to other brands.

I narrated why you need to consider buying a vehicle that has a second-hand value here; 5 Things you must consider before importing a used vehicle and Toyota is the best brand you can sell fast and profitable even after using it for few years.

Toyota also dominated the Nigerian market because they have different varieties of vehicles to chose from ranging from sports utility vehicles (SUV), Buses, Pickups, Sedan, mini-buses which gives the users more option in terms of choice and desires.

We are going to classify this table into Grade A and B since we are talking about Used Toyota Corolla vehicles and their prices, Grade A will represent Foreign used Tokunbo while Grade B represents Nigerian locally used ones

Remember this is just an estimation which means you might get it cheaper or high but its all depends on other circumstances like the condition of the vehicle, mileage etc.

List of Used Toyota Corolla 2000 – 2019 Estimated Prices

Here we go, check out the current price of Foreign used and Nigerian used Toyota Corolla from model 200 to 2019
Foreign Used (Tokunbo)
Nigerian Used (Locally used)
2000₦ 800,00 – ₦ 1.2M₦ 500,000 – ₦ 800,000
2001₦ 800,00 – ₦ 1.2M₦ 500,000 – ₦ 800,000
2002₦ 900,000 – ₦ 1.4M₦ 650,000 – ₦ 1.2M
2003₦ 1.4M – ₦ 1.8M₦ 1.1M – ₦ 1.4M
2004₦ 1.5M – ₦ 2M₦ 1.2M – ₦ 1.6M
2005₦ 1.6M – ₦ 2.2M₦ 1.2M – ₦ 1.6M
2006₦ 1.6M – ₦ 2.3M₦ 1.2M – ₦ 1.6M
2007₦ 1.6M – ₦ 2.4M₦ 1.2M – ₦ 1.7M
2008₦ 1.8M –  ₦ 2.5M₦ 1.3M – ₦ 1.8M
2009₦ 2.3M – ₦ 2.8M₦ 1.6M – ₦ 2M
2010₦ 2.5M – ₦ 3.2M₦ 1.6M – ₦ 2.2M
20011₦ 2.5M – ₦ 3.5M₦ 1.7M – ₦ 2.5M
20012₦ 2.6M – ₦ 4.2M₦ 1.9M – ₦ 2.8M
20013₦ 2.9M – ₦ 4.3M₦ 2M – ₦ 2.9M
20014₦ 3.6M – ₦6.5M₦ 3M – ₦4.2M
20015₦ 4.3M – ₦ 6.9M₦ 3.4M – ₦ 4.5M
20016₦ 4.8M – ₦ 7.4M₦ 3.8M – ₦ 4.9M
20017₦ 6.5M – ₦ 11M₦ 4.5M – ₦ 6.4M
20018₦ 8.5M – ₦ 13.1M₦ 5.5M – ₦ 8.5M
20019Coming soon!Coming soon!

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